John Gomez

Had foot point for the better part of 20 years and thought it was normal. Dr. Black fit me and my daughter for orthotics and no more pain! I strongly recommend coming in and getting a look at those achy feet!


I cannot not say how much I appreciate Dr. Steven Black. His staff is awesome and he is amazing. He repaired bunions on both of my feet. My husband said he was really impressed with Dr Black and the services I received in his care. After my second surgery, I had staples instead of stitches and I cried like a baby when he took those out😂😂 but Dr. Black was very professional, very knowledgeable, and compassionate. I felt 100% comfortable in his care and would absolutely refer him to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Black❤️ If you want bunion pain to go away, Dr. Black is who you need to call. #happyfeet❤️ *Update* my feet feel sooooooooo much better. Nice and healed up🤗

Marie Cesena

I want to say, Thank you so much to Dr. Black for everything. I went and got a pedicure at this location that I have been going to for a long time, however I got a nail tech that ended up damaging my nails, causing there to be ingrown toenails that became infected. I ran to Dr. Blacks office as I saw all the reviews were nothing less of great. And my experience was nothing short of amazing. Dr. Black and his office staff were patient and heard me out, and Dr. Black came and assessed my toes. I had acquired infections in both of my great toes. I had to have them cut and partially removed. The experience of having ingrown toenails was daunting, but Dr. Black helped me get through this trial and helped my toes heal, and did a wonderful job. I hope to never experience ingrown toenails again, but if I do. I will be coming back to Dr. Blacks office, as his staff and the doctor were wonderful and patient with me. Thank you guys again. I really appreciate everything you did for me. And all the while helped me get through the traumatizing event of a pedicure gone wrong.

Lisa Burns

I had a permanent ingrown toenail removal procedure done with Dr. Black and he did amazing. It was all very quick and he knew exactly how to get the job done right. My toe feels like normal now. Very satisfied with my visit.

Donald Pitre

First thing : Dr. Black and his staff are simply AMAZING!

I Have been his/their patient since 2014! In @ 2 years previously seeking foot care - - - from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, I had been treated by at least four(4) podiatrists(no names)! One of whom did surgery on one of my feet to correct my problems! With no success (none)!!! My younger brother then recommended Dr. Steven E. Black to me!!!

He and his staff are so very professional, prompt, polite, personable, courteous, and well versed in medicine, even as to explain in detail what is going on and what has been going on with my medical condition(s)!!! They make one feel like family! i could go on and on but i will simply finish and say he/they are highly, highly, highly recommended by myself as well as my baby bro!!! In this one man's opinion, he is "THE" best and his staff are "THE" best at what they do, with all services rendered!!!

God's continued blessings and favor to you SIR, MR, DOCTOR Steven E. Black, and your wonderful staff!

Graciela Sosa

I had a bunion surgery on my left foot and I had no pain or discomfort since the day of the surgery. I highly recommend him.

Richard Eubanks

Dr. Black has been treating my neuropathy issues for serval years. He has been a great help in my battle, very professional and caring. I credit his help in keeping me mobile and my foot issues in control.

Antoine Smith

Wonderful experience...regarding my son seeing Doc. Black.

Douglas Privett

Dr.Steven E.Black is a wise and meticulous Doctor. I see him on a regular two month rotation. Couldn't imagine not visiting his office. His staff is very cordial and upbeat. My wish would be that he and his staff was my General Practice Doctor. I give them a five out of five score.

Clinton Cava

Dr. Black removed a bone spur in my heal area. He talked us through the process with the details of the surgery and the expected recovery process. The surgery went as planned and the recovery was as he outlined. The surgery was truly a minimally Invasive Foot Surgery. AND though still healing, there is little evidence of a scar. THANK YOU Dr. Black . . .

Joseph Villanueva

Doctor Black is Fantastic he works wondering back into tied feet. I been seeing him for a few years and cuts my nails with precision and take care of my diabetic issues. The staff is amazing and very kind high marks for them too!

Sarah Williams

Dr. Black did my bunion surgery and it went amazing. No more pain and I can finally walk as much as I want. He continues to keep my feet in tip top shape and he is the best there is. I highly recommend getting an appointment if you have any feet issue.

Frank The Tank

Dr. Black is awesome he did my wife's bunion surgery and we couldn't be any more happier with the results 😀 plus every person in the office are very helpful waiting time is minimal in the waiting room plus Dr. Black is very attentive and answers any questions or doubts you may have thanks Dr. Black your awesome.

Hovhannes Dekirmenjian

Doctor Steven Black is an amazing doctor and surgeon i was very happy with my bunion surgery he does amazing work and has a great sense of humor but very professional when i look at my foot i cant even see where the scar is very clean cut and his receptionist helped me with my edd issues the receptionist was very helpful and i never waited more then 10 minutes in the waiting room for the doctor i just wanna say thank you for everything and for your help.

Dale Fracker

I have been going to see Dr. Black now for about 6-8 months now and my wife and I really luv him, because he really cares and show a lot of compassion for you too. And his office staff also comprise of 3 lovely sweet ladies who are so nice and caring and they all have 3 beautiful smiles all the time.

Ryan Lux

This place is amazing. They made me an appointment right away and the staff and Dr. Are beyond amazing. They took care of my foot on the 1st visit. I recommend this place to everyone in need.

Helen Bazaure

My name is Helen Bazaure I've been a patient of Steven Black for many years I started seeing him back in 2016 for a very bad foot ulcer on my left foot I'm diabetic and I had a very bad and serious ulcer that was so infectious that the first dr. That treated me left my foot even in worse shape than I seriously thought I was going to lose my foot and then I was sent to the amazing Dr. black were really cared about me and of course, my problem where he started to treat me with a vacuum pack and lots of patients and medicine that in a few months I was on my way to a beautiful and healthy foot I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me to me he. Is a god sent from heaven thank you so very much for all you've done for me dr. steve black you are one of a kind and I would recommend him to anyone he's amazing in what he does, I'm very blessed to have him in my life sincerely yours HELEN BAZAURE.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Carla From Cali

This man is a amazing Dr. Whos very good at what he does he has. Been a blessing to have as a podiatrist if you ever have any fret problems go to him hes really good.


Dr. Blacks office was really nice to my significant other when we came in. The staff up front treated us with respect, remembered our appointment and smiled a lot. Dr Black himself was excellent with the problem we had and dealt with it properly. I would suggest that if you have a foot problem that you go see him – definitely worth it. Friendly and it seemed like everyone that came in to the office liked him and was well respected by the staff – from all walks of life – so I would give this place a thumbs up!

Linda Kingston

The waiting room here is spacious. They are an absolute expert in the field. I would never feel unsafe or apprehensive in their care. I will definitely recommend Dr Black to people I know. My feet have never felt better.


I got an appointment quickly. I’ve never had to wait too long. They always take the time to listen to me. I know they really care about me and what I have to say.


Their office was one of the quietest, most peaceful places I’ve ever visited. I was able to relax very easily. They answered my questions and spent a lot of time with me. I didn’t feel like they were trying to rush my appointment at all. I got an appointment quickly. I’ve never had. To wait too long. I was very pleased with how friendly and welcoming they were. They made me feel right at home the moment I arrived.


Hey are an absolute expert in the field. I would never feel unsafe or apprehensive in their care. They have really great customer service here. They always put their customers first, regardless of the situation. They were easy to reach in an emergency. When I called they answered right away and I was so relieved to hear a friendly voice. I was very comfortable the entire time. They answered my questions and spent a lot of time with me. I didn’t feel like they were trying to rush my appointment at all.

Tarek M

Dr. Black and his staff are excellent. He is very knowledgeable and friendly as can be. I highly recommend this office!

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